Conveniently located in Nashville, we offer businesses and residences same-day or next-day pickup and delivery throughout TN and the Eastern U.S. We are committed to getting your important documents and products where they need to be, on time and in budget. 

We provide fast, reliable courier services for the retail, legal, banking, medical, real estate communities and more. If you sold it today and they want it today, never fear, we’re here: Velocity is committed to retailer to consumer same day delivery. And for sensitive documents or packages that require rush delivery, we have you covered.  

Velocity International Group offers superior customer service at the best possible price. We know you are busy, so think of us as your local same-day delivery company. We’ll streamline shipping and make rush deliveries a breeze. Whether it is volume shipping, dedicated runs or a one-time hotshot shipment, we can get it done. 

Same-Day Shipping from Velocity 

  • Same-day pick-up & delivery—24/7, year-round
  • Convenient online shipment scheduling
  • Package tracking for moment-by-moment monitoring
  • Fast and affordable pricing quotes
  • Excellent customer service & response time
  • Available airport pickup & delivery
  • Routed & dedicated delivery for ongoing shipping requirements